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The Freedom Collective have a range of opportunities that can suit every person, every budget and fulfill your needs:

* Learning + Rewards Platformstart from $50, passive or active, no membership or monthly fee
* Online Blockfolio Platformstart from $33 pcm, plus certificate costs which start from $100 + $100 loading
* Digital Marketing Trainingstart from $150, $39.99 annual membership fee, no monthly fee
* High Frequency Tradingstart from $150, plus $500 minimum trade
* Travel Programs (Coming Soon)
* Copy Trading (Coming 2024)

* Stem Cell Activation Patchesstart from $25, minimum monthly purchase
* Naturopathic Supplementsstart from $50, minimum monthly purchase
* Organic Toiletries

and we do our best to bring you details of products and services from across the globe that will aid your health and safety on a day to day basis:

Anti-EMF Devices | Anti-EMF Clothing | Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Grounding mats | Barefoot Shoes

Water Distillers | Water Filters

Immune Support