One woman’s journey from Housing Association Hell to a Georgian Farmhouse for around £250

The story of this disabled lone parent is much like any other from across the Globe, struggling to make ends meet, having to clothe herself and her child in second hand items and using a toy library and food bank just to get by; skipping meals so that her little one could eat and rarely leaving the house due to prohibitive costs.

However, unlike most, even after attempting multiple ways to earn her way out of poverty, this woman, let’s call her Hope, refused to give up.

A long time friend of hers introduced her to yet another ‘opportunity’ and out of respect for her friend and sheer desperation she attended a live zoom call, only to be so inspired as to buy in immediately!

This left Hope in a terrible financial situation which took a couple of months of going nowhere and skipping extra meals to right, but she was sure she was on to a good thing, as unlike all other opportunities, this one had no ongoing fees or products to buy and the presenter on the zoom call had given her the confidence to go forward based on their due diligence and a strong gut feeling.

Of course it took more than only money for this miracle of finance to occur, it also took time and effort; so Hope set about ‘inviting’ people to join her.

Within 10 months her initial pot had multiplied by 100 times and she was able to relocate to her dream stone built farmhouse. Within only 6 months after that, it had more than doubled again, and her initial £250 was now worth over £50,000 and was bringing in between £2,000 and £3,000 per week!

At 17 Months and 17 Days Hope was able to upgrade to the top pack available with this company and take early retirement.

Hope is now living her best life, and is able to spend all her time with her little one.

If you’re interested in joining one of our opportunities, please get in touch with the person who gave you the link to this website and begin your journey to your best life today.

A Roller-coaster History

  • At 18 a young woman left an abusive family home and worked three jobs just to make ends meet.
  • At 25 she had a sports car and a motorbike, was working in Canary Wharf and bought a flat in London.
  • At 26 she sold the flat and bought a small terraced house.
  • At 31 she sold the terraced house and bought a detached one with a bit of land.
  • At 33 she was made redundant, the house was repossessed and ended up living in a caravan in the middle of nowhere without running water or electricity.
  • At 36 she started studying a Bachelors Degree.
  • At 39 she started studying a Masters Degree.
  • At 40 she published her first book.
  • At 41 she launched a magazine.
  • At 42 she became a lone parent.
  • At 47 a health crisis killed her magazine, so she dived into an MLM.
    • Within three years she had turned over $5 Million and joined the top 0.00025% of the company.
  • Now, at 50 she’s running teams of people in a number of MLM’s and has created the Time Rich Lifestyle she dreamed of in order to be able to spend quality time with her Home Educated her son.